Museum: Fast Action May Help Save Picasso Painting
HOUSTON — Within minutes of a vandal spray painting a Pablo Picasso painting, Houston museum officials had rushed the valuable artwork into their onsite conservation lab as if it was an injured patient in need of emergency surgery. "I think that's a …
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What's the Motivation Behind Recent Art Crimes?
If we manage to separate reality from Hollywood, we can at least hope that security in galleries and museums could prevent people from walking around with cans of spray paint to make a mark on the collection, or from carrying big bags to conceal stolen …
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The Appealing Earnestness of 'Say Yes to the Dress'
There's something enchanting—and mythic—about those dresses. When Priscilla of Boston, a famous bridal gown atelier, closed shop a few months ago and its liquidators used spray paint to destroy the store's remaining stock, I was not alone in my outrage.
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First spray-on battery could change home electronics forever – and might even
Scaling them up would increase power 'in leaps and bounds', she said, adding: 'Spray painting is already an industrial process, so it would be very easy to incorporate this into industry.' The researchers have filed for a patent on the technique. 'We …
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